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Consequently, LEK is rarely integrated into wildlife management decision making, a discipline that historically has relied on quantitative results derived through accepted scientific methods (Mauro and Hardison 2000). The importance of Local Ecological Knowledge (LEK) in data-poor scenarios is increasingly recognized in conservation, both in terms of uncovering historical trends and for engaging community stewardship of historic information. of local ecological knowledge (LEK) to expand our understanding of the environment, has been highlighted. The potential roles of the LEK varies from direct applications such as gathering environmental information to a more participative involvement of the community in the management of resources they depend on. Fishers’ LEK could Integrating local ecological knowledge, citizen science and long‐term historical data for endangered species conservation: Additional records of angel sharks (Chondrichthyes: Squatinidae) in the Mediterranean Sea. Ioannis Giovos, iSea, Environmental Organisation for the Preservation of the Aquatic Ecosystems.

Local ecological knowledge

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body remembering and therefore the knowledge is becoming more profound. Philipp Weiss from Stjärnsund, Sweden, is an environmental engineer who worked During these years, he has acquired knowledge of how to handle and move Through his involvement in local food production, he realized that agriculture  Ecological engineering is a new field with its roots in the science of ecology. out the form below if you have the local knowledge to help your fellow runners. a. quality and environmental awareness outshine that of their competitors .

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29 Jan 2018 In many regions of the world, traditional and local ecological knowledge is still important today for coping with environmental challenges. 26 Apr 2018 From Alaska to Australia, scientists are turning to the knowledge of traditional to what is known as Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK) to fill out an The Skolt Sami people of Finland have documented a local de Traditional ecological knowledge used to adapt to climate change as reported by local informants.

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Ecology, then  av AG Mariscal Chávez · 2016 · Citerat av 1 — Deforestation and land-use changes are a major threats to native ecosystem in many tropical countries, including Ecuador– one of the  av A Sundqvist · 2018 — This knowledge, called traditional ecological knowledge (TEK), has the potential to contribute to building resilience in social-ecological systems  Local knowledge is a vital part of culture, actively used in the adaptive management of natural resources, and although some parts may have lost their usefulness,  Sökning: "indigenous knowledge". Visar resultat 1 - 5 av 114 uppsatser innehållade orden indigenous knowledge. 1. Can hunter's local ecological knowledge  means by which knowledge, experience and practice about how to manage a local.

2003; Johannes et al. 2000). Much inquiry has focused on studying local ecological knowledge (LEK) held by small-scale natural resource users (e.g., fishers, farmers, hunters-gatherers), considering how to include this knowledge in natural resource management Local ecological knowledge is used to refer to local expertise of peoples that may not have a long-term relationship with the local environment, but nevertheless have local wisdom, experience, and practices adapted to local ecosystems Olsson and Folke, 2001).
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Local ecological knowledge

Additionally and echoing the gendered knowledge distribution present in adulthood, since middle childhood there are differences in the knowledge hold by boys and girls. We discuss our results highlighting the existence of specific ecological knowledge held by Baka children, the overlap between children's and adults' knowledge, and the changes in children's ecological knowledge as they move How local ecological knowledge can save endangered and rare animals.

Ecosystems 4  ecological and socio-economic measurements, and by empirically studying variations and diversity in content of local ecological knowledge among resource  innovative collaboration for ecosystem conservation, involving actors representing Local ecological knowledge, based on long-term management, monitoring  The diversity of European agro-ecosystems are related to the interaction between local environmental factors and traditional ecological knowledge (TEK)  Local ecological knowledge and institutional dynamics for ecosystem management: a study of Lake Racken watershed, Sweden. P Olsson, C Folke.
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toises  ecology, spirituality, human and animal relationships, and more.